If you want to lose kilos and already start the day wrong in the morning, you can reduce the weight loss success. Therefore, pay attention to your habits. Of course there are people that begin their day with the first round of Casino Bizzo and try their luck.  

Many people start their day with a fixed morning routine. This can look very different depending on the person. But one tip already, it will help if you are a morning person. It is not horrible to get up early in the morning. You just have to get used to it. Then a quick workout to say goodmorning to your body and muscles. You can do a normal workout, here youtube can be very helpful, or even Yoga. Then a shower to calm down and relax a bit before having a good and well balanced breakfast. Hopefully with coffee or tea. Others, on the other hand, indulge in their habits after waking up, even though they sometimes harm them. Namely, when it comes to losing weight. For those who want to lose a few pounds, the start of the day can be the be-all and end-all on the way to their desired weight.

A healthy and balanced diet and enough exercise are the two components that usually make losing weight work. If the scale does not show any success despite all efforts, then one should question its habits, as hna.de reports. The following three morning routines could be an obstacle on your way.



Bad morning routine 1: Zero diet instead of breakfast

Simply skipping breakfast and going on a “zero diet” in the morning is not a good idea. Experts even advise skipping dinner instead of breakfast when doing interval fasting, for example, which involves forgoing a meal and fasting for 16 hours. Those who eat too little also risk a lack of nutrients. The result can be concentration problems, headaches or fatigue. Starvation also causes the body to lose muscle and water instead of fat. This can lead to the well-known yoyo effect.

Bad morning routine 2: Unbalanced breakfast

If you want to lose weight, you should take enough time in the morning for a healthy and balanced breakfast. Coffee to go and a roll from the bakery that is devoured in a hurry on the bus or subway should be a thing of the past. Because only with the correct breakfast one starts well into the day. According to Apotheken Umschau, breakfast should be healthy and balanced. Ideally, it should include a drink (e.g. tea or coffee), a carbohydrate source (e.g. oatmeal), a protein source (e.g. yogurt or quark) and vitamins in the form of fruit. The timing of breakfast also plays an important role, as it should be eaten in the first two hours after getting up. In addition, a balanced breakfast helps prevent cravings later on.