The history of gambling is thousands of years old. The question of whether it is possible to win in a casino interests people from the very first day of the establishment of the casino in Germany. The advantage of a gambling house is not that great and often disguised for equal chances of winning and losing. Of course, periodic winnings always flash, but is there a system of guaranteed and permanent winnings in the casino? In this article, we aim to explore this topic and share our conclusions and recommendations with you.

There is no system that offers a guaranteed chance of winning at the casino. Maybe only with bonus hunting. And if you find a tactic for winning, that tactic will be banned by the casino (e.g. a playing card tactic in blackjack). But in online casinos there are quite legitimate ways to lure the mathematical expectation of winning on your side. Let’s talk more about this topic.

How do you win at the online casino?

Let’s highlight the top effective ways that you can use. This: to get a positive mathematical expectation and choose a Netent slot machine in free mode with a subsequent transition to real money. Let’s do the following steps:

Get a positive profit expectation

The system of deposit bonuses in online casinos running on NetEntertainment software can be divided into two main classes. The first is bonus money with a wagering requirement of 35x the sum of the bonus money. The second – with a wagering requirement of 40x. In the first case you should make required wagers in the amount of 3,500 euros (for every €100 in bonus money), in the second – in the amount of 4000 euros. There are casinos that have requirements that go beyond the above. If you want to get a real win, we do not recommend depositing real deposits in such casinos. Look for a casino with favorable requirements.

Bonus with a wagering requirement of 35x and 40x:

The essence of the method is to look for bonus offers with a wagering requirement of 40x and a low one and to play slots with a payout percentage (RTP) of 97.14% and higher. On the difference we get a positive mathematical expectation of profit. That means – we will win at the casino.

Also, we have all the starting dates. Click on the image on the right to see the payment percentage of all Netent games. This data formed the basis of our study on the possibility of winning at the casino.

According to the rules of the casino, the bonus money is only paid out in the player’s account after the wagering requirement (wagger) has been met. If you want to get a positive mathematical expectation of winnings, please see the table presenting bonuses and slot machines. Follow the link:

How to win at a casino with the help of bonuses?

help of bonuses

If you have a 35x wagering bonus, it is better to play the games that pay more than 97.14% of the bets as a win.

To win at the casino when you have bonus money with wagering requirement 40x, it is better to play Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%) и Kings of Chicago (97.8%) or choose other slot machines that have more than 97 Have a .5% RTP.

Let’s give an example: “Blood Suckers” play with 98% profit, in the first case (35x) in the casino we win an average of 0.86% of our bets (100/3500 = 2.86% – 2% RTP = 0.86%). Statistically, for every €1,000 we win €8.6 from the casino. In addition, we have high chances of a big win that goes beyond the average statistical component. Find out the percentage of payments for each of the Netent slots on the following page:

Test slot machines for free:

Our system of recommendations for choosing a successful slot and winning money from a casino in Germany is based on the similarity of the algorithms in the free mode and the way of playing for real money.

in Net Entertainment software uses corrective rates that depend on the winning position of the slot. Since the work of the random number generator can not be disturbed with anything, the factors that decrease or increase the amount of winnings are fixed by some corrective variables. These variables depend on the group of players from the current balance of the slot machine and the accumulated amount of the prize fund.

Correction rates are applied not only to real money slots, but also to slots you play in free mode. So you can understand which slot machines give more money than win. That helps you win.

essentials of the strategy

One strategy of choosing slots is to try slots for free and only then play for real money. This gives you more chances to win. Learn more about the recommendation system on the following page:

Myth or Reality?

If you learned to use both strategies described above at the same time, it will increase your chances of winning at the casino. To find out about new bonus promotions, reload bonuses and events in the partner casinos in good time, use the “News” tab in the main menu of our website. With the help of this information, you can correctly create your deposit plan, so that a bonus is added to each player and your chances of winning at the casino in Germany increase significantly. Now we propose a little diversion from mathematics and turn to human psychology.

Basic principles:

Winning at a casino is real, but for that you need to know the basic principles of how it all works. Sometimes wins can be huge, and sometimes wins can become a nice addition to the budget. Every player who wants to find a win-win strategy online casino should know such terms and concepts:



We explain to you what a dispersion means in the casino. E.g. today the player won too much money, but tomorrow he can bet more money. This can be the case when a slot machine that the player had played has a high dispersion. So, a dispersion in the casino is big difference between winning and losing. For example, in roulette, casino wins 2.7% of each player’s bet and in poker, casino wins up to 6%. One advantage of the casino is a locking characteristic of mathematical expectation. More information about dispersion can be found on the following page.

The most profitable and unprofitable games

On the Internet you can easily find the chart where information about the benefits of the casino for different games is posted in different versions. From these tables it is clear that the casino advantage is in this range – from 0.1% to 30%. If the player can win the mathematical expectation, he wins a real chance to win money from the casino for a long distance. Find out which slots are worth playing and which aren’t.

Roulette and Blackjack

Do you think there is a strategy in the game of roulette? There is no strategy. The martingale system is widespread. On this system it is necessary to increase the rates in a certain order. Yes, this leads to an increase in variance, but at the same time it is impossible to change the mathematical expectation inherent in roulette rules. The use of these game systems inevitably leads to a loss. Winning in a casino with this system is impossible.

Blackjack is one of the few games where a player can get a mathematical edge over a casino. In live games, the cards don’t shuffle before each hand and using card counting and basic strategy can be quite effective. You can watch the outcome of cards by betting their score without betting. Basic strategy can be very effective. You can start the game with a score of +12 and higher. The basic strategy is the tool that reduces the casino advantage in blackjack to almost zero and wins money from the casino. This is a clear conception and is based on mathematical calculations. There are more sophisticated casino betting strategies based on card counting. But this strategy is almost useless in the online versions of the casino, since it is necessary to keep a calculation of cards, and in online casinos it is impossible to do. (Want to learn more about the basic strategy of the game…).

If you ask a question about the possibility of winning in a casino, you should not forget the term, such as the mathematical advantage of online casinos in Germany. It is thanks to mathematical expectation that the casino always stays “in the black”. It is important to take into account factors such as dispersion and mathematical expectation. You can try different strategy and tactics in free mode to test. The mathematical justification that winning in roulette is impossible can be found here:

where to play

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